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Triple Dimension Fabrication

2018+ Ford Expedition Phone Mount

2018+ Ford Expedition Phone Mount

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Clip on mount! No drilling/removing panels/tape/velcro... None of that garbage! Just an over-engineered securely fitting clip on phone mount.

Utilizes a Universal Lip to accompany most, if not, all phones/cases while providing a convenient charging cable slot.
Includes the strongest Neodymium magnet we could fit, and a magnetic plate with adhesive tape to easily mount to your phone/case!

Purposely placed to be out of the way, yet easy to reach/view. Not blocking any of your AC/Heat, Cluster, and the charging cable is routed sleekly down the trim panel seams to help hide it.

This mount fits all 2018+ Ford Expeditions with "Horned" AC vents.
Coincidentally also fits 2015+ Ford F150s, and 2017+ F250-F750.
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